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Fear Zero

In Lights

This high quality follow up to 2003’s self titled debut from the Vancouver based modern rock band embraces a fuller sound, guitars cranked up to eleven and a major label style production. Band leader and songwriter Ed Sadler, joins up the dots with his Chad Kroeger-esque vocals, sharp song-writing nous and undoubted ear for a worthwhile hook. In his capable hands, the likes of ‘You Make Me Feel’, the Tonic sounding ‘Breathe Again’ and the stunning ballad ‘Broken, Still Hoping’ become something rather special. Even the more pop orientated songs, ‘Loner Anthem’ and the reggae tinged ‘Get Over This’-where Sadler sounds remarkably like Paul Young- are classy enough to fit in with the guitar heavy ethos of the first half of the album. With unprecedented airplay for a non major label act, accompanying minor Canadian chart success, it is simply inconceivable that the major labels haven’t already registered there interest in this talented band. Watch this space.


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