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Eve 6

It's All In Your Head

A band often ridiculed by critics for sounding too much like everyone else, EVE 6 has releases their third effort, which like the first two albums, may not be ground breaking, but it showcases a band with heartfelt songwriting skills and the unmistakable vocals of Max Collins. This album continues to show the songwriting maturation of the band, which is clear from the band's first single 'Think Twice'. The album musically is more of a throwback to the raw sounds that EVE 6 experimented with on their debut record, heard best on tracks like 'Good Lives' and 'At Least We're Dreaming'. Also noteworthy is the track "Friend Of Mine" written about a troubled friend of Collins'. Later in the album comes the impressive 'Girlfriend' which is a bitter ballad about breaking up and moving on, much like their previous hit 'Here's To The Night'. No matter how many critics slam this album, music listeners that have enjoyed past EVE 6 albums shouldn't think twice about picking this one up.


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