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The Used’s live CD/DVD “Berth” is packed with features. The CD alone is worth the purchase for any Used fan, it’s 9 tracks of great live material including, “Take it Away”, “I Caught Fire”, “Taste of Ink”, “All That I’ve Got”, and “Maybe Memories.”

The mastering on this live CD is some of today’s best. I don’t know what equipment reprise uses when they make their live CD/DVDs, but with today’s technology live material is finally worth listening to on a consistent basis, and Reprise is one of the front runner’s in that technology.

You’ve heard the songs before, they’re good on the original albums, they’re good live, and they’re good here too. The DVD that accompanies the CD is decent. The live content is from a Vancouver show, and the band put on a kickass show. The DVD is worth watching for that live material, and there are a couple of songs that are on the DVD that aren’t on the CD. The bonus material on the DVD is a little disappointing. “Berth” gives some info on the band, some info about recording their second album, and a preview on them working on their new album. Some good info here, but really something’s missing. The “Junk” section here is also just okay. A couple of music videos are great, and what seems like 40 minutes of Q&A with Quinn and Jepha from the band might be some of the weirdest material I have ever seen on a band’s DVD. Some of the questions are serious, most of them aren’t, and it’s entertaining until halfway through, and then it’s too repetitive to enjoy.

Hardcore fans of The Used will love “Berth” the content on the DVD is more than a lot of other band’s offer these days and the audio/video quality on the live performance is superb. If you’re not a big fan of the band though you should probably stay away and just wait for the third album.


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