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Silversun Pickups


I didn’t know what to think about The Silversun Pickups. I had never heard of the band, I saw them on a weekly chart and I decided to check them out. I was pleasantly surprised by how good this band is.

The Silversun Pickups are fronted by Brian Aubert on guitar and vocals. His voice is in the same vein of Wheatus’s Brendan B. Brown and the Goo Goo Dolls’ Roby Takac. Nikki Moniker is on bass for the Silversun Pickups and does some vocal work for them too. It’s interesting because Aubert and Moniker’s harmonies work here, and most of the time male/female harmonies are horrible. Take Shiny Toy Guns as an example. They have a male and a female singer and when they do harmonies, I think it takes away from the song. The Silversun Pickups can pull it off though because Aubert’s voice is high pitched and nasally, and Moniker’s voice is a little deeper than a lot of female vocalists. There’s a natural medium between the two vocalists and it adds to the listening experience. Supporting Aubert and Moniker are two good musicians- Christopher Guanlao on drums and Joe Lester on keys. Without those two this band wouldn’t be what it is. Lester’s key work is amazing throughout and Guanlao plays drums with the velocity and the ferociousness of some of the best drummers from the 90’s grunge scene.

“Carnavas” is a great album. It’s an experimental album from an experimental band that’s still accessible to the masses. A note should be made for producer Dave Cooley about his work on this album. He roughened things when he had to, but he wasn’t scared to make them shine either. Things do get a little bit repetitive by the end of the album, and it loses some points for that, but overall it’s a good release from a band you need to check out.


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