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Lift a Sail

Yellowcard’s Lift a Sail is their most different band to date. Apart from Sean Mackin’s amazing introduction and a few other standard Yellowcard tracks, this album is a straightforward rock record; not a punk record, not a pop-punk record – but a rock record. Some of the music on this borders along the mainstream rock that was released last decade repeatedly, but most of it standard rock music in the vein of Foo Fighters and some other bands that do it right these days. The music on Lift a Sail is drastically different from Yellowcard’s back catalog.

Lift a Sail is the band’s first album without longtime drummer Longineu Parsons III, this time they have Nathan Young from Anberlin to fill in on the band’s studio work – and you can hear that. Young’s style is COMPLETELY different than Parsons. He plays in a way that fits the rock vein of what Yellowcard is doing on this album more than Parsons could. Young isn’t a better drummer than Parsons, he just has a completely different style.

Lift a Sail is a different album for Yellowcard. The punk influence is minimal and at-large it’s a rock record. That being said, it’s not an amazing rock record, it’s just good. If they continue down this path for their next outing I have no doubt the next release will be amazing, but for now – this record is just solid.


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