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Shiny Toy Guns

We Are Pilots

“We Are Pilots” is actually the third version of this album by Shiny Toy Guns (hence the Version 3.0 on the inside of the case.) It’s an adventurous album that blends sounds of the 80’s with a more modern sound in mind like The Killers. This isn’t a bad CD, it’s actually well recorded and well written, it’s just not my taste of music.

Some songs can be listened to and appreciated by all- “When They Came For Us”, and “Don’t Cry Out” are some highlights off of the album. But some other songs like “Le Disko” aren’t for everybody. Whenever I hear this song I cringe a little bit. I’m sure some people like it, but with the synthesizers and the electric sound accompanying vocalist Carah Faye- one can draw comparisons to Aquateen, not The Killers.
While not for everybody, Shiny Toy Guns still puts out a good album with “We Are Pilots.” If you’re heavy into the synthesized electronic side of today’s alternative music, you’ll dig Shiny Toy Guns, if not don’t bother.


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