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Black Lab

Passion Leaves a Trace

If the world was the place it should be Paul Durham and Black Lab would be on your radio every other song. Among the world's song writers Paul has to be in the upper echelon. His songs connect with the listener so well, whether it be through emotion or experience. Black Lab's third album "Passion Leave's a Trace" is full of some of Durham's best songs.

The album starts out with "Mine Again", as it should. This is the best song on this album. Almost everybody has experienced losing someone they loved and willing to do anything and everything to get them back, "Mine Again" is a song about that, and the way Durham can convey this message to the listener is amazing. This song is one of the most powerful songs I've heard, and on the basis of it alone this album is a must buy. But, but the following 7 songs are almost as good and the album doesn't drop off to sub-perfect (not sub-par) before track 9, and even track 9 "Broken Heart" is good, it's just not as good as the rest of the songs. After "Broken Heart", things rebound to excellence with "Sun and Moon" and then "Good" and the album finishes off strong with "The Window."

If you're a frequent visitor of alternative addiction then you know who Paul Durham is and you know all about Black Lab. If you're just browsing through this site though, and you've never heard any Black Lab, go check it out. It's available now on iTunes and Napster in digital format, and you can get a hard copy sent your way through Discover the best music out right now that nobody knows about, and more importantly discover some of the best music out right now... period.


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