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No doubt most of you who read this review think you're too cool for John Mayer. I admit I used to think that too. I liked his debut album "Room For Squares." When it was independently released you could just tell that this guy had potential and that he was going to be around for a while. The main problem that most people into alternative and rock music have with him is easy- it's single choice. It's the songs you hear over and over on the radio. By all means, Aware/Columbia does a good job choosing them because the older generation absolutely eats them up, but think about "Room For Squares" for a second. Instantly you thought of the singles huh? "Your Body is a Wonderland" and "No Such Thing" are both okay songs, but after you heard the "run through the halls of my high school" line in "No Such Thing" probably twice you were ready to gouge your eye out with a fork. High school may have sucked or it may have been great, but we just don't need it mentioned in a song. Yikes. Anyway, moving on...

"Continuum" is a solid album from not just one of today's more popular artists, but one of its best. While you probably don't care much for "Waiting on the World to Change" from it being overplayed on the radio, you have to respect it for its content. Anytime a musician sings about anything political in today's social climate it's a good thing, especially when it's a popular artist. The other singles on the album aren't much better either because they're not geared towards us (see "Gravity" and "Belief"), but scratch the surface on "Continuum" and you'll surely find at least one song you'll like. My personal favorites are "Stop this Train", "Vultures", and "Bold as Love" (wicked guitar solo.)

While it's probably not cool to admit you like John Mayer's music, that's what I'm doing. His blending of blues, pop, and rock make his sound unique and all his own. He's in great form here, this is the best album that came out late last year, and if his stuff wasn't so overplayed you would probably like it.


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