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Stop the Clocks

Columbia decided it was going to release a greatest hits collection from Oasis last year, and at first Noel Gallagher was cold to the idea. Eventually though, Noel warmed up to the idea eventually and he is the one that chose the 18 songs on this greatest hits collection titled "Stop the Clocks." You can't complain too much about the track choice on this disc at first. 18 songs are on the album and most of the big hits are here, including "Wonderwall, "Champagne Supernova", and "Go Let it Out." However, that's just at first. When you realize that this album is a two-disc set lasting 80 minutes, then you get a little disappointed. There are at least ten songs that they could have thrown on this disc to complete the set, including "D'You Know What I Mean", "Stand By Me" and "All Around the World. These are major omissions and they can't be ignored. Without those songs, it's just not a complete Oasis collection. If you're into the band hold onto your old albums and enjoy them. If you need some Oasis get the album. If you like all the songs that aren't on this disc though, wait a couple of years and hope that another collection is released that's more complete. Not a terrible collection, but one would certainly expect for from one of the greatest bands of the past decade.


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