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Oh! Gravity

Jon and Tim Foreman and the rest of Switchfoot prove yet again that they can put out a studio set as good if not better than everyone else. The song's on their album "Oh! Gravity" are well crafted as usual, but with a few differences. They explore a little more territory than they have on previous releases, incorporating several different styles. Normally this would be a step in the wrong direction for most bands, but they still stay true to the Switchfoot sound that has made them so successful.

The amazing thing about Switchfoot is their consistent ability to write and record singles. "Nothing in Sound" was chuck full of them and so is "Oh! Gravity." The first digital single was "Dirty Second Hands", while they put "Oh! Gravity" on radio first. Both of these songs are great. "Dirty Second Hands" is probably the most adventurous song on the album, almost having a world music vibe to it. "Oh! Gravity" is the first track on the album and it starts it out with a bang, this is a short two and a half minute song that just rocks. It's the best song Switchfoot has written. Some other great tracks that have single potential are: "American Dream", "Awakening", "Faust, "Midas, and Myself", and "Head Over Heels (In this Life)." Look for one of those songs to hit your radio around mid to late March.

While "Oh! Gravity" is a good album; it does feel forced and rushed in spots. "Circles" is an extremely repetitive track, and although it's probably supposed to be that way it just doesn't work. "Amateur Lovers" is another one of the adventurous songs by Switchfoot, but it’s slightly reminiscent of "Gone" from 2003's "The Beautiful Letdown." The lyrical theme is different but the sound is a lot alike. Although not without its shortcomings, "Oh! Gravity" is another solid piece of work from Switchfoot. Where this band should have hit a wall, they continue to grow and that's an achievement in its own.


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