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Bloc Party

Weekend in the City

Bloc Party's "A Weekend in the City" picks up where it's last album, the critically acclaimed "Silent Alarm", left off. It's not a big step away from alarm, and it's not just alarm in different packaging. "A Weekend in the City" is a succesful sophmore release because Bloc Party grows on the album.

This record isn't as rough around the edges as "Silent Alarm", it's smooth and mainstream accesible. If you ever wanted to know what Bloc Party was all about listen to this album and go backwards into their library. Your start into the band's music will be smooth and inventive to well, just inventive. The rhythm section of this band has always been its strength. Matt Tong on drums and Gordan Moakes are great musicians, and they are on this album too. Their stuff is more mechanic and industrial than previous releases, but that's how it was produced and it works. On top of the rhythm section being consistent, guitarist Russel Lissak does some of his best work here, especially on "Witch Hunter." Where this band really grows is through the lyrics of Kele Okerek. They're darker than before, they're more reflective, and they tackle some issues about life in London and some other controversal subjects. The one problem with the lyrics is that if you're from London or you've never been to London, you're completely lost. It takes a couple more listens than it normally would to understand the content of the lyrics than it would if there wasn't a small cultural barrier, but listening through is worth it.

Bloc Party's "A Weekend in the CIty" is a big step forwards for the band, and they were already miles further than other bands similar to them. If you're into good music, discover what you've been missing in Bloc Party with a great album.


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