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To be honest I’ve never been Duncan Sheik fan. I’ve just never dove into his stuff. He had a hit in the nineties with “Barely Breathing” and has a couple of other okay singles like “On a High”, and “She Runs Away”; I thought that’s all I needed to know. I was wrong and if you had the same idea about Duncan Sheik you were wrong too. His semi-greatest hits collection “Brighter/Later” wasn’t just a pleasant surprise, it was an incredible musical discovery. This guy is an amazing artist and if you’re unfamiliar with his stuff, you need to check it out.

“Brighter/Later” consists of two parts. The first disc- “Brighter” has most of Duncan’s singles on it, as well as some other choice cuts from his catalog. It’s mostly shiny pop, and if you missed most of these songs when they were originally released, this is the perfect opportunity to dive into them. “Later” on the other hand, is Sheik’s later work that is darker and more complex. It’s exceptionally imaginative and perfect for self thought and discovery. Listen to “Later” at 2:00AM on a Sunday- it’ll blow your mind.

“Brighter/Later” is a great collection of songs from Duncan Sheik. If you’re not in the group of his devoted followers and you want a good introduction to Sheik’s work, this is the disc for you. 29 Tracks of musical genius- “Brighter/Later” will turn you into a Sheik fan if you’re not already.


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