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We're Not Robots...

Edgewater’s “South of Sideways” (2004) was great. Wind-Up Records puts out a lot of crap, but with the talented and artistic guys of Edgewater and Wind-Up’s successful formula- the two found a happy medium and put a great album. The relationship with Edgewater and Wind-Up went south though- with Wind Up telling the band rock was dead or something to that extent and Edgewater hitting the door and hitting the bricks.

Rock will never die- with all the music that’s out now and that’s been out in the past. no genre has connected with it’s listeners emotions and experiences better than rock. That’s a FACT. So for Wind-Up to say rock is dead- that makes no sense. And for Edgewater to act like this is such a huge ordeal- well it’s kind of ridiculous. If anything, the two groups shot themselves in the foot; Wind-Up for letting go of a band that has serious hit potential and Edgewater for saying goodbye to a label that has a great formula for ROCK bands. I don’t understand it, there had to be a solution- nonetheless, this is where Edgewater is.

“We’re Not Robots” starts out great. The first song on the album, “Get it Right” is a great track. The problem is everything that happens after that. A lot of it is uncontrolled and jarring (not in the good way.) The single “Caught in the Moment” is a song about sex and cheating- great it’s also inaudible. “I Can’t Breathe” is okay- bud oddly enough it’s a rock song with some techno infused in it (the robot thing.) “Rock is Dead” chronicles the whole Wind-Up affair (bridges aren’t just burned with these guys- they’re damned), it’s an okay song but it needs work. “S.O.S.” is another great song, it ranks up there with “Get it Right.” However, everything else after the first five songs is forgettable.

Ultimately “We’re Not Robots” is more like a debut than a sophomore release. Everything they learned before, they had to forget and start over. It has its potential but it also has its downfalls. This is a middle of the road album; nothing horrible- but nothing spectacular. Sample before you buy it, but also look for more and better stuff from Edgewater in the future.

Key Tracks: 1, 4, 5


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