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Live Like We're Alive

This is as strong of debut as a band can have these days. Nevertheless’s “Live Like We’re Alive” is catchy. Joshua Pearson competently executes all of the songs on the microphone, but the whole band is where the actual strength of Tennessee’s Nevertheless lies. When Pearson voice becomes a little too high pitched- the guitars make up for it. Pearson, guitarists AJ Cheek and Brad Jones, bassist Adam Wann, and drummer Adam Rowe have excellent chemistry- as good as I can remember a band having on a debut album.

Your comparisons for Nevertheless will start with Relient K because this is a Christian punk/emo band, but they shouldn’t. Nevertheless and Relient K are comparable because of the similarities that Pearson’s voice has to Relient K’s Matt Thiessen and also with some of the melodies- but Nevertheless’s overall sound has a little more edge to it than Relient K- everything’s a little crisper.

Nevertheless is one of 2006’s top newcomers. With a beautiful, well-crafted, well-produced (James Paul Wisner) record, they’ve set the bar pretty high for a sophomore release.

Track Picks: 1- “The Real” 3- “Time” 4- “Live Like We’re Alive” 6- “Losing Innocence” 7- “Let it Fall”


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