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Our Lady Peace

A Decade

Our Lady Peace’s “A Decade” is a collection of the band’s hits from their debut release “Naveed” to 2005’s “Healthy in Paranoid Times”. All the great songs are here from OLP- “Starseed”, “Clumsy”, “Superman’s Dead”, “One Man Army”, “Life”, “Somewhere Out There”- just to name a few. This is a great CD for Our Lady Peace crazies and for newcomers to the band. The crazies will get to revisit some of their favorite Our Lady Peace songs, while newcomers of the band can hear for themselves the unique power of Raine Maida’s voice and the more than ably skilled supporting cast behind him.

The best thing about “A Decade” is that the tracks are in order chronologically. When you listen through the album you listen to how the band has matured. “Healthy in Paranoid Times” has some elements that are more familiar to the band’s early style, but from “Naveed” to “Healthy in Paranoid Times” Our Lady Peace has grown and matured leaps and bounds into the band it is today.

My biggest criticism is that some strong album tracks are left out here- There should be a couple more songs from “Clumsy” because it was one of the best alternative albums released in the late 90’s. And there should also be a couple more songs on the album from “Gravity” because although it was blasted by critics- it’s one of the most underrated albums of this decade. But then again- what do you take out?

“A Decade” is a definite pick up if you’re a fan of the band, and if you’re relatively new to the genre- here’s an album to check out- it’ll be one of your favorites.


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