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Josh Kelley

Just Say The Word

Josh Kelley releases his first album “Just Say the Word” on his own label Threshold Records. The album starts out with the best songs on the album in my opinion- “Opposite of Me” and “Pop Game.” These two songs are Kelley at his best. The listener can’t help but move some part of their body while listening, whether its head bobbing or feet tapping, it’s contagious. These two songs and the title track right after them “Just Say the Word” pretty much set the standard for the rest of the album too. Every song is as good as the next no matter what style he is using. Sometimes he incorporates some country and some blues into his pop style, and he pulls it off flawlessly. Kelley has created something special here.

For those not familiar with Kelley, he was discovered by an A&R for Hollywood records listening. His first album “For the Ride Home” was powered by his first single “Amazing.” It took awhile for the song to catch on to radio, but eventually it did and it was the building block for Kelley’s career. Kelley’s second album for Hollywood records “Almost Honest” was powered by a song that he co-wrote with the Matrix called “Only You” and the title track from the album “Almost Honest.” “Only You” did well on radio, but Kelley wanted to get more from “Almost Honest.” In his opinion Kelley thought that “Almost Honest” was one of the best songs he had ever written and was dissatisfied with the way Hollywood promoted the album. He wanted more control, so Kelley dropped Hollywood, and started his own label- Threshold Records.

The best thing about “Just Say the Word” is how far Kelley’s involvement on it goes. From singing and recording all of the instruments to producing and package design, Kelly did it all. This is one of the most impressive releases from one of today’s most impressive artists. Expect big things from Kelley in the future, but enjoy waiting for them with “Just Say the Word.”

Key Tracks: 1. Opposite of Me, 2. Pop Game, 3. Just Say the World, 4. Beautiful Goodbye.


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