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Vertical Horizon


After a three year hiatus, Vertical Horizon returns with the follow up to their muti-platinum major label debut 'Everything You Want'. This album, like their last, is great from beginning to end, proving that Vertical Horizon is one of the few bands that still not only makes great songs, but great albums. Longtime VH fans will immediately notice the maturation of the band musically, from the loud chords of the opening song "When You Cry". With layered guitars, great lyrics, and a strong hook, this song sets a great tone for the album. After the band's current single "I'm Still Here" comes the track "Forever" clearly the standout track off this album. Beautiful lyrics of love lost are encompassed by layered guitars and a perfect melody. The album continues to impress with with the wide open rocker "Sunshine" followed by the cleaver lyrics of Goodbye Again" and "Echo". The album closes out with the love struck "Won't Go Away" and the thought provoking "Inside". This album might not be "Everything You Want" but its still pretty damn good.


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