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With Revelations, the band’s third album, Audioslave is coming into its own and forming its own identity. They no longer sound just like a Rage Against the Machine shadow or a modified Soundgarden, they sound like Audioslave. That’s a huge thing for a “supergroup” to accomplish.

There are a few things wrong with this release; guitarist Tom Morella still has those stomp box solos that he has always used. At times, these solos feel forced here. There’s not one on every song but there doesn’t need to be more than one or two on the whole album. Morella is a great guitar player and he needs to let that show more instead of distorting it. The other problem with "Revelations" is that some of the songs sound too much alike. You can go from track to track on the disc at times and not even know it.

The bright spot of this record is the direction that Chris Cornell is moving the band. These songs are rhythm based as opposed to being guitar driven. Cornell’s lyrics go with the beat and on songs like the title track “Revelations” and “Original Fire” it makes for something special.

Fans of Cornell and fans of Audioslave will love this record. The band has gotten better with each album and this is their best work. The downside of this is you don’t know how many more Audioslave albums are coming. With Cornell doing his solo work and the band releasing music at a rapid pace, one can assume that a shakeup is on the horizon for Audioslave.

Key Tracks: 1, 5, 6, 9


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