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Skipping straight past the skeptics and some other questions about DAUGHTRY, (American Idol contestant Chris Daughtry’s band name and self-titled debut) the album is awesome. It sounds great; the tightness and the fidelity is how any artist out there would want their first album to sound like. Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance) did a great job producing it and Chris Daughtry and all of the other musicians that played on the record did an awesome job making it. Daughtry’s voice was made for alternative music. There’s a lot of power in it, but it remains smooth, and his voice can also express a lot of emotion. I think that’s why everybody in the world thought he was a sure thing to win last year’s American Idol. If you’re in for a good listen put your reservations aside and pick up this album.

The American Idol media machine is behind this full steam, but a lot of bands/artists would kill for that kind of publicity. Don’t judge a book by its cover and more relevant here; don’t judge it by its first 10 pages. Alternative Rock music needs this album to succeed. This is one of the few times in music where a Top 40 artist has a chance at crossing over into the alternative scene. There’s a real chance that our genre of music could gain some fans and that benefits fans and musicians alike in the genre. So don’t view this has tainted material, view it for what it is; a good debut that rocks from a guy that has an amazing talent.


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