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Skin & Bones

This Foo Fighters live CD doesn’t disappoint. It’s an acoustic album- and a damn good one. Although it starts out a little slow; by “Walking After You” (track 3) you are completely immersed in the whole experience. This isn’t just any live CD though- your favorite Foo has a new sound and a new experience through the acoustic set. I’m a little disappointed that “Learn to Fly” and some other great songs didn’t make it on the album, but with a runtime of 73 minutes they didn’t get stingy on material. Towards the end of the album it looses steam with the first encore but the following two- “Best of You” and “Everlong” more than make up for that. “Skin and Bones” is a great album to pick up for fans of the Foo Fighters and for fans of live music. The CD is out now, the DVD hits on Nov. 28th.

Key tracks- 3. “Walking After You”, 4. “Marigold”, 5. “My Hero”, 6. “Next Year”, 14. “Best of You”, 15. “Everlong”


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