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Ever wondered why Closure hasn’t made another record? Simple, vocalist Brian Howes has been too busy building a reputation as a record producer who can make things happen for other artists (Hinder). His mark is all over this record.

Its predecessor ‘Collide’ was a decent modern rock album progressing from the band’s techno industrial roots that permeated through the earlier independent releases, yet somehow it seemed to merge without definition into the other releases of the day.

Stellar song-writing from lead vocalist John Cooper together with Howes’ gift for providing incomparable enhancement for melody and hook has provided the alternative rock genre with an album of outstanding quality. Cooper’s wife Korey provides the sweeping orchestral keyboards that pepper ‘Comatose’, transforming songs like ‘Falling Inside the Black’ and ‘Whispers in the Dark’ into epic modern hard rock masterpieces. Elsewhere the two huge ballads ‘Yours to Hold’ and ‘Say Goodbye’ are the commercial hits waiting to happen whilst the phenomenal ‘Looking for Angels’ with its spoken word verses is experimentation that demands attention.
With no filler whatsoever, obsessive Skillet fans-affectionately named Pan-heads-should lap this up. With Atlantic/Lava pushing this band hard it’s only a matter of time before ‘Comatose’ gets the mainstream recognition that it deserves. Utterly essential.


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