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Have A Nice Life

If ever there was a band that deserved the attention of a major record label, its Honestly. Their debut album "Have A Nice Life" could rival many of the albums you see at your local record store today. The undeniable ability to write a hook filled song is apparent from beginning to end of this fantastic CD. Filled with melodic guitars and perfectly complimenting vocals, Honestly brings it all together. Equally impressive is the maturity and variety that this young band shows. From the upbeat "I Don't Know" to the slower paced but equally as impressive "Away From You" and "9 'til Midnight" this band covers both ends of the spectrum, and does it very nicely. Perhaps most impressive on the record is the song "This Perfect Thing" that takes an unforgettable drum beat and mellow guitars and sets a perfect stage for lyrics of love lost, again showing incredible depth for such a young band. All in all, Honestly's debut album is one of the most promising albums from an unsigned band I have heard in a very long time...honestly


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