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F.E.A.R. (Face Everything and Rise)

The 8th album from Papa Roach, "F.E.A.R. (Face Everything and Rise)" has a list of credits that make sense. Among them was the production of the father-son team of Kevin and Kane Churko who are known most for their work with heavy metal and hard rock bands. It’s the perfect fit for Papa Roach at this stage of their career. Knowing that, and knowing that most of the writing for this album came in the studio are two important facts to know about the eight album from one of the best bands in rock for the past two decades.

As far as Papa Roach albums go, this is good. It’s got the harder/edgier overall vibe that they were going for and the songs being created in the studio kind of breaths some fresh air into the album. Because of that, we’re not getting the same Papa Roach songs that we’ve gotten on the past couple of albums. They’re taking risks, even bringing back some of frontman Jacoby Shaddix’s rap work that hasn’t been done really since the band started. As far as Papa Roach albums, this is different and that’s a good thing. I wouldn’t say it’s different enough that somebody who isn’t a fan will notice, but those of us who are certainly will.

The eighth album from Papa Roach wasn’t going to be their best. Honestly, that’s probably behind them by now. That said, Papa Roach is still putting out solid albums this far into their career and there’s no evidence pointing to album nine or album ten being any different.


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