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Room 93 EP

Halsey rocks and so does her Room 93 EP. Ashley Frangipane, or more simply Halsey, writes honest lyrics with music that’s even more honest. The Jersey-based singer/songwriter has a vocal perfect for her brand of pop. It’s a little bit like the smoother female version of Matt Healy from The 1975.

With her Room 93 EP, Halsey comes into her own through these four songs. She doesn’t pull any punches with her lyrics and it feels like you’re listening to something completely honest. When it’s delivered with her honey-whiskey voice, it sounds all the more sincere.

The lone problem I have with Halsey is that I think with this EP, there’s only one kind of song. Basic production that’s slow-paced with honest and passionate lyrics on top of that. I love what she does, but she’s capable to do more.

Halsey has the kind of voice that can invent her own sound and partly reinvent a genre. She doesn’t do that on the Room 93 EP, but she provides more than enough evidence of the potential that she has to keep us listening to this EP and what she does next.


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