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George Ezra

Wanted on Voyage

George Ezra has a songwriting style that I haven’t heard before to match a vocal that I haven’t heard before on his new album “Wanted on Voyage.” On that new album, the Hertford, England singer/songwriter is a talented up-and-comer that’s destined to be around in his own niche genre of music for years to come.

Ezra’s voice is deep and brooding but also generally uplifting. A big reason why this album is this good is because of his voice and how well it meshes with the acoustic guitar. The two together equate to a new formula for both. Normally a voice like Ezra’s would be accompanied by a heavier bass line in a Brit punk or pop band and normally with folksy acoustic music like this we get a vocal that’s more wispy and flimsy than Ezra’s. On Wanted on Voyage, for whatever reason, Ezra’s formula just works.

Wanted on Voyage is a great listen. It’s probably a song too long, and some of the impact of the songs later in the record gets lost after a listen or so, but not enough to make this record not worth your time. Ezra’s a talent and it will be interesting to see him continue to hone his craft moving forward.


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