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Major Lodge Victory

With their last major label release coming nearly 10 years ago, “Major Lodge Victory” isn’t just a new Gin Blossoms record, it represents the first studio release from one of the mid 90’s most popular acts. This is an album that could only come from the Gin Blossoms, picking up right where the band left off a decade ago. The single “Learning The Hard Way” carries the same vibe as “Follow You Down,” while tracks like “Long Time Gone” and “Curious Thing” draw distinct memories of mid-90s. “Jet Black Sunrise” is also an impressive ballad, that will remind fans of tracks like “Until I Fall Away”. While many up and coming bands have tried to capture the sound that bands like the Gin Blossoms ushered in, only the Gin Blossoms could recreate it, and on “Major Lodge Victory” they’ve recreated it so flawlessly that at times you might swear its still 1996.


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