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Five For Fighting

Two Lights

Five For Fighting’s John Ondrasik always took criticism from reviewers because his sound is typically so predictable, with sentimental lyrics and piano ballads that always seem to find there way onto easy listening stations daily rotation. Ondrasik’s albums always dug deeper past those singles though, with darker lyrics and emotions poured out like few other artists could. That unfortunately does not seem to be the case on his latest effort “Two Lights”, this album never feels like it digs much deeper than the prepackaged hit single “The Riddle”. Ondrasik never digs into his emotions like on previous albums, and tracks like “65 Mustang” and “Policeman’s Xmas Party” just don’t impress in comparison to his previous work. On top of all that, the album is only 10 tracks long, seeming like Ondrasik or his label just wanted a platform to launch “The Riddle” off of. There is no denying that Ondrasik is a talented songwriter, but writing one Adult Contemporary hit per album just doesn’t get the job done.


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