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Racing Glaciers

Don't Wait For Me

Racing Glaciers has been picking up a lot of steam throughout 2014. That's in large part due to the quality of music that they're putting out and that they're putting out a lot of music. The band's released three singles off of their Don't Wait For Me EP and they just pushed them all out properly.

Still, the quality of Racing Glaciers stuff is far more important than the quantity and what the band did on Don't Wait For Me is pretty outstanding. The band has an amazing chaotic beauty to their sound that stands out on tracks like "First Light" and "Animal" and the music is completely original.

With one EP out of the way in 2014 already and the band already promoting a single called "Moths" that sounds really promising, Racing Glaciers could be on their way to some big things in 2015. We'll be sure to keep an eye out of the band.


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