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Night Riots

Howl EP

Since being known as PK, California’s Night Riots has earned a rep for crafting some of the most amazing indie music around. Led by Travis Hawley, the band has made some incredible music and they've played shows with the likes of Twin Atlantic and Angels and Airwaves.

The latest Night Riots release is Howl, a six song EP with a B-side. The new EP has some of the band’s best work to date and really showcases Hawley’s knack for doing inventive things with standard production equipment. Hawley has some amazing ideas that’s exemplified best on the synth vocals on Contagious. In addition to the creation of creating their own identity sonically, Night Riots has their own identity with the music they write too. When the band made their debut as PK they had this bright and shiny California synth-pop style that they excelled at before anybody else. But after Hawley and co. made the switch to Night Riots they leaned in a direction that’s darker and more brooding than they were before – kind of like a modern version of The Cure. With this six song EP, the band has honed and perfected their style of writing and their sonic identity. I’m not sure what more can be asked from an independent release.

For three years it’s been amazing to watch Night Riots grow and learn their craft. They were always really good, but now they’re tremendous. We've been waiting for everyone else to latch on to these guys, I don’t think we’ll have to wait that much longer.


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