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Night Terrors of 1927

Everything's Coming Up Roses

Made up of Jarrod Gorbel from The Honorary Title and Blake Sennett from Rilo Kelly, The Night Terrors of 1927 first made a splash in 2013 with their single “Dust and Bones.” Since then, that single led the duo to sign with Atlantic and release the Guilty Pleas EP and another EP in late 2014. Now, a little over a year since the release of their debut EP, the duo is back with their debut album. The album is called “Everything’s Coming Up Roses”, and it’s a lot like both EPs. There’s the same middling vibe through the entire record that doesn't do anything vastly different from what the band is good at – making synth-inspired pop rock.

There’s a lot on this debut album to get into. The highlights from both EPs are here in all of their brilliance including “Dust and Bones” and “When You Were Mine” – the great single featuring Tegan and Sara. 1927’s synth rock is amazing, they incorporate some amazing sounds throughout this record that are both hard to pin down and easy to get into. They also do a really great job of contrasting sounds that are organic with sounds that aren't. It’s a nice blend that showcases that Gorbel and Sennett really know what they’re doing. Of course, the sounds wouldn't matter as much if the songs weren’t as they are – and they’re damn good.

While the debut album from the duo is an excellent listen, they have the same problems that bands who are used to releasing EPs have. They album feels incomplete and doesn't mesh that well from song to song and while the tracks don’t mesh – they’re also extremely repetitive in spots too.

Overall this is a successful debut from The Night Terrors of 1927. With two guys like Gorbel and Sennett, you wouldn't expect anything less. By the end of the year expect different songs from this album to find their way into your playlists and expect the album to finish on the top of several people’s lists at the end of the year.


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