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Light You Up

All We've Ever Known

This debut album from the Birmingham pop punk outfit is something of a cracker. Usually the preserve of America, Light You Up treads a well-worn path of catchy pop punk in the vein of All Time Low and Mayday parade. Produced in San Francisco by Sam Pura, who also produced The Story So Far; you kind of know where this album is heading. Its enjoyable fare though, characterized by high quality pop punk standards such as ‘It’s About Time’, ‘Haven’t You Heard’ or the harmony induced ‘Foxfire’. On occasions, as has been the trend with similar bands such as Lower Than Atlantis on their recent album, vocalist Tom Napier’s English accent comes through like a beacon. It’s almost as if the band are saying “listen to us, we can do pop punk too, and we’re from England”. The fact that they can back it up with some excellent tunesmithery that America’s elite would struggle to compete with means that beating the drum for their home country is totally justified.


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