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Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness isn't that different from Something Corporate or Jack's Mannequin or even the EP that Andrew McMahon made using only his own name. The songwriting runs in a similar vein even if it gets more mature with each passing year and although McMahon is a decade older his delivery hasn't changed since his days in Something Corporate. So going in knowing that, everybody who's interested in listening to Andrew McMahon's new project should actually be more exciting about the new release.

The debut of Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness might not be that different from McMahon's original work, but if you dig a little bit deeper into things. You'll notice a similar thread between this project and a pop artist that's also known as a great pianist. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness is like a modern version of Bruce Hornsby and the Range. Right down to piano styles - he's a got a couple on this album that are clear homages to Hornsby. AMitW has that going on for it, but it also has one key thing with the production of this album. In all of the years that I've listened to McMahon's music there's been slight audible differences in piano, but none as much as this. The piano work here is diverse and you'll hear standard stuff to go along with some great reverbed electronic piano.

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness will add to McMahon's legacy. Through all of the years and all of the albums, he's made some amazing music and he's written some remarkable songs. McMahon's music connects with it's audience in ways that are completely unique, and with this album he connects yet again.


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