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Songs From Black Mountian

While Live’s sound has changed from album to album, they’ve always drawn on spiritual inspirations, and “Songs From Black Mountain” is no exception. Over the years, there’s been a call for Live to turn to the harder, edgier sound that was showcased on their earlier albums like “Throwing Copper” and “Secret Samadhi”, and while Live shows glimpses of that on tracks like “Show” and “You Are Not Alone”, the majority of tracks on this album will remind fans more of recent albums like “Birds of Pray” and “Distance To Here”. The melodies of tracks like “The River” and “Get Ready” as well as the spiritually motivated lyrics of “Mystery” clearly are reminiscent of Live’s later work. Ed Kowalczyk’s unique vocals and his uncompromising style will please long time Live fans, as will “Home” - a war protest song that has become a staple on recent Live albums, and this time it might be the strongest protest songs they’ve written to date. All in all, “Songs From Black Mountain” is another impressive collection of tracks from a band that is still one of the most spiritually driven bands in music today.


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