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Natural Selection

Following up their multi-platinum sophomore release "Something Like Human" Fuel returns with their third record "Natural Selection" The band continues to push their boundaries as they did on their last record, and continue to be one of the most innovative and imitated bands on the radio today. The first track "Quarter" mixes a piano backdrop with roaring guitars and the energy filled vocals of Brett Scallions, and the cleverly written lyrics of Carl Bell who in normal fashion for Fuel is credited for writing all the lyrics on this record. The tracks "Down Inside of You" and "These Things" also push Fuel to a new music limit, showing strong maturity both musically and lyrically from their "Sunburn" days. The strongest song on the album however, appears later in with the brilliantly crafted "Most of All". Not since "Shimmer" has fuel put out a song with such a strong hook and melodic background, it almost seems out of place on this record of heavy riffs, and angry lyrics. Never the less, this song without a doubt has the potential to explode if ever released as a single. Overall "Natural Selection" is another strong record for Fuel, from a band who typically doesn't release singles that truly represent the album's sound. At any rate Fuel fans should be pleased with another strong release.


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