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Class of 98

Touch This and Die

The latest vehicle for the song-writing talents of ex Hether/Many Waters main man Steve Wilson, find themselves on the same label that spawned the excellent Acceptance(now with Columbia) and other pop punk acts such as Cartel and Let Go.
Where Class of 98 differ-and credit must go to Wilson here-is that although the hooky choruses from the genre are present, the song-writing is far more mature, both lyrically and with respect to the arrangements. Two songs, ‘Dashlights’-renamed ‘Anthem of Us’-and ‘New Years Resolution’ get a dusting down here from the Hether days and fit in neatly with rest of the material. The dreamy ‘Christy’s Wedding’ is the equal of anything that Butch Walker has produced, whilst the anthemic ‘Hannah You’re Beautiful’ is ripe for radio airplay. ‘Touch This and Die’ offers something new to this over populated genre; strong songs and a refusal to jump onto the cliché bandwagon that quite frankly is becoming extremely tedious.


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