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Rock Kills Kid

Are You Nervous?

It’s hard to believe that this is the same band that recorded the sub-standard self titled emo/ pop punk influenced e.p back in 2003. Vocalist and main songwriter Jeff Tucker has completely re-shaped the band-no doubted aided by his four year self enforced imprisonment in an L.A recording studio-into a slick dance rock act. With retro leanings toward early U2(‘Hideaway’), The Smiths (‘Don’t Want to Stay’ and ‘Back to Life’), and the techno/electronic tendencies of It Bites (‘Paralyzed’), RKK have come up with a debut album that is both enlightening and refreshing; daring as it does to challenge both pop punk domination and alternative rock gloom. The superb, dance-floor foot-stomping anthem ‘Paralyzed’ sets out the stall, leading into a plethora of other equally outstanding songs. Take your pick from the Echo and the Bunny-men influenced ‘Run Like Hell’ the groove of ‘Midnight’ or the funked up ‘I Need You’. Crystallised by a superb production from Mark Trombino, ‘Are You Nervous’ is positive proof that dance rock is the new black.


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