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Grow in the Cold

From the same stable as the excellent Midnight to Twelve, Supe started life in Japan circa 1999, supporting major acts as diverse as Faster Pussycat, D.R.I and Factory 81.
Essentially a Japanese five-piece-an unusual phenomenon to say the least- the band eventually moved to California’s South Bay Area, where they continued to play live locally as well as cutting a 2 song demo and returning to Japan on a regular basis to appease their die hard fans. With their first e.p, intense cranium rupturing riffs and aggressive post hardcore style vocals are the order of the day, bringing to mind the brutish side of Breaking Benjamin or even Hoobastank. However, as with the latter, Supe manages to combine the clinical guitar carve up with some neatly penned tunes, mindful of melody and hook. ‘Shade’(available here for free download), ‘Naked Kings’ and ‘Good Face’ follow the same pattern of energetic crunch and aural addiction, the pace only diminishing with the welcome respite of ‘The Only One’-still a heavy track by anyone else’s standards, but not in the context of this offering.
Brilliantly recorded and brilliantly played with the raw enthusiasm that can only be nurtured by self belief, Supe’s ‘Grow in the Cold’ has one major drawback… with only 6 tracks it’s too short! Roll on the debut album.


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