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The Trews

Den of Thieves

Carrying the title “Canada’s Hottest Band”, The Trews will definitely conjure up their fair share of attention, and in this case its well deserved. The band shows some impressive diversity on their debut album. Generally speaking, they could be compared musically to somewhere in between the Black Crowes and Soundgarden…but that is just on the surface. Tracks like “Makin’ Sunshine” and “Cry” will easily draw those comparisons among modern rock fans. The Trews music is predominately guitar driven, with the exception of a couple tracks including the impressive “I Can’t Say” which draws its melody from the underlying piano and acoustic guitar, which are fused together nicely. Trews fans will tell you that you can’t really respect the full potential of this band until you’ve seen their live show, but if the debut album is any indication, this is one of the better bands to come out of Canada in years. Only time will tell however if The Trews prove to be the next Nickelback, or another Matthew Good Band.


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