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Rally Car

Rally Car

Promising Vancouver outfit Rally Car have been treading the boards since 2003, culminating with a winning position in the prestigious Fox Seeds awards in 2005.
After working with famed producer Warne Livesey (Matthew Good, Midnight Oil) their first recordings saw the light of day as superior demo recordings rather than a fully fledged album-mores the pity. With a full album due out later this year and with most of this offering likely to be its mainstay, it is entirely worthy of review. With a penchant for material based on life’s addictions-‘Alcohol’ and ‘Stoned’ being two examples-Rally Car present rock music in its purest form. Like a slightly less polished, less punk orientated Autopilot Off-now sadly on permanent hiatus-RC capture the essence of their gritty live performances on the melodic bludgeon of ‘Crazy’ or the climatic mid-paced ‘No One Out There’. With a great future ahead of them, Rally Car is a band to watch in 2006. or myspace/rallycarband


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