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The Amsterdam Redlight District

Gone For A While

Lyon’s TARD don’t do things by half on this hundred mile an hour album where hardcore punk principles vie for attention using melodic choruses with the caress of a sledgehammer. If Refused had a mash up with Funeral for a Friend and defunct Canuck pop punk outfit Autopilot Off then ‘Gone for a While would be the result. There’s some full hollering on the ensuing mayhem of ‘Time Flies’, ‘Just ‘Have A Good Time’ or the frenetic title track but it’s tempered by Elio Sxone’s melodic vocals that add commercialism to the pop orientated ‘Behind Your Sunglasses’ or the crunching tongue in cheek smirk of ‘These Kids that You’re Parents Warned You About’. ‘Gone For A While’ certainly isn't for the faint at heart with its “bang your head” approach and yet there’s something undeniably fantastic about a release where a change of approach adds the modicum of originality required to make it stand out.


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