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Cold War Kids

Hold My Home

I don't think Cold War Kids have ever gotten their due. They haven't rolled out with any hits during their career, or that many publicly notable songs, but all they've done is make amazing release after amazing release. To say that Cold War Kids have been consistent is a huge understatement. There are a few bands/groups that I can say would be legends if the music business and mediums that it's delivered in were the same in the 2000s as they were in the 80's and 90's. Will Hoge and Virginia Coalition come to mind immediately; O.A.R. would have outdone the great career they've had; but I think Cold War Kids would be a household name. On their new album, "Hold My Home" they've outdone their already spectacular body of work to produce the best album that they've released. "Hold My Home" is a soul-infused alternative pop record that Nathan Willett and his band mates drive a a steady and enjoyable pace through 11 songs.

Willett's vocals are as genius as they've ever been, but CWC has really picked things up in the rhythm section. There have been a lot of bands who fail to incorporate space into their music, Cold War Kids has never been one of those bands. If anything, they've been guilty of using too much of it in previous releases, not with "Hold My Home" - because their's a different rhythmic vibe to this record, they avoid a problem that use to stymie their previous albums. "Hold My Home" is the most brilliant release by a group that had an amazing body of work to begin with.


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