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Will Hoge

The Man Who Killed Love

There’s no doubt that Will Hoge has been jaded by his past trials and tribulations, and that was just the formula for the aptly titled ‘The Man Who Killed Love.’ After getting a taste major label success with his previous album, Hoge returns with this indie release, that is easily one of the most emotional and heartfelt albums Hoge has ever written. From the southern rock flavored “Pocket Full of Change” to the horn backed “Love From a Scar” Hoge adds a southern flair to his unmistakable vocals, and bittersweet lyrics. Hoge is lyrically at his peak on some of the slower ballads however, like “Woman Be Strong” and the touching closer “Lover Tonight”. Hoge displays raw emotion, and pours every bit of energy on these impressive tracks. No track seems to jump out more than “The More That I Know (The Less I Like You)” where Hoge’s bitter lyrics could only be rivaled by Butch Walker. All in all, ‘The Man Who Killed Love’ is easily one of the better releases so far this year, and one that surely has some record execs wondering why they let this raw talent go.


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