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Wild Party

Phantom Pop

Wild Party might not have the best name, but the group has been a band that we’ve kept our eye on for the past four years. They have a ton of potential to do some amazing things, they just need a little luck. With their debut album Phantom Pop coming out on Old Friends Records (an offshoot of Fearless) they have a chance to do that. Regardless of what happens with the promotion side of things, the band did their job with the album and made an awesome piece of music.

There isn’t a bad track on Phantom Pop. There are some dull moments in the middle towards the end of the record, but for the most part it’s an amazing record that should be listened to. The style of the band’s guitars is completely unique – it has elements of surf pop, rockabilly, and some of the best 90’s pop. That instantly pleases the ears. Along with that, lead singer Lincoln Kreifels has an amazing voice that’s kind of like a mellow croon. He more than capably guides the listener through these songs that were written spectacularly well.

You should go and check out Phantom Pop right away. Wild Party is a great band and they made a really good album. It’s an enjoyable release that should stay with you well into 2015.


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