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Eyes Around

The Voice Inside the Voice

Contemporary rock outfit Eyes Around formerly resided in Monroe L.A before settling in Alabama, changing their moniker from Elijah Good Knight and picking up support slots with REM and Kid Rock as well as a strong local following.
Peddling a polished brand of modern rock that encompasses contemporaries such as U2, and the more recent additions of Coldplay and Athlete, ‘The Voice Inside the Voice’ includes three worthy songs that graced their E.P(‘Empathy’, ‘Everyone Knows It’ and ‘Pink Sunrise’). Unlike the more popular aforementioned acts, Eyes Around refuses to hold back with the guitar, giving added urgency to ‘Another Source of Light’, the Foo Fighters style of ‘All I Want’ or the aforementioned ‘Empathy’. Commercial success could easily be achieved with the excellent Coldplay with balls of ‘Right as Rain’ or ‘Near Sighted’, whilst the indie guitar pop orientation of ‘Turn the Lights On’ or the U2-esque ‘What You Love The Most’ do way more than act as filler material. Currently only available as a download at a price of $10(£6) from, this album is well worth getting hold of before almost inevitably we get offered a watered down version from a major label.


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