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Ex Wind Up records hopefuls Stereo Fuse, never really fitted the bill amongst the higher profile yet ultimately predictable label mates on the roster. The label-who surprisingly sings its own praises when it comes to developing bands-were too busy with the likes of Creed and Evanesence to bother with the Dallas trio who had previously gone under the moniker of Sandwich and prior to that Lee Harvey Osmond. Fed up with the lack of label involvement Stereo Fuse split with Wind Up to do there own thing on a more independent basis. Produced by eighties hair metal hero Mark Slaughter, Stereo Fuse continue in the same vein, once more including their most successful song the cover of Material Issue’s ‘Everything’ amongst the other varied pop rock material on offer. ‘Pieces’ and ‘Morning’ have echoes of REM, whilst potential single ‘Beautiful’ is pure Americana fare. The big piano ballad ‘Like I Do’ is another potential single, whilst a good deal of the other songs on offer come across as interesting revved up riff orientated pop-‘Hey girl’ and ‘Run and Hide being’ two examples. For followers of the band, this will be a natural progression, albeit with a slightly more mature feel to the song-writing, a freedom that can be associated with their independent label status.


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