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For Me, It's You

‘For Me, It’s You’ marks the fourth album from this San Francisco group, and the first without two of the band’s original members. The speculation was that members has begun splitting from the band due to the band’s loss of the artistic sound that helped them breakthrough in 1999 with ‘Meet Virgina’. Many had begun to write Train off and claim that they had moved so far into the mainstream that they had lost sight of their roots. Instead of following the progression that they’ve followed for the past few albums, Train took a step back in ‘For Me It’s You’ and seem to have found themselves again. Songs like ‘All I Ever Wanted’ and ‘Am I Reaching You Now’ would fit perfectly on the band’s raw sounding debut record from six years ago. The first single ‘Cab’ displays lead singer Pat Monahan’s honest lyrical style, as he wears his heart out further on his sleeve than he has in years. The album really hits its stride about midway through with “If I Can’t Change Your Mind” and “All I Hear” to nicely written tracks that should silence critics and catch the ear of many new listeners. Also noteworthy is the ballad ‘Always Remember’ that harkens back to the some of the latter track’s on the band’s second album ‘Drops of Jupiter’. Critics can say what they want about Train, but as long as Pat Monahan is the driving creative force, this band will continue to succeed and write great records, ‘For Me, It’s You’ is definitely no exception.


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