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Stories Of A Stranger

After ruling for years as one of the best jam band in the business, O.A.R. makes a slight departure on ‘Stories of a Stranger’. Its clear from the opening track ‘Heard the World’ that O.A.R. has begun their transition into the mainstream fold. The song has a building chorus, a great hook, and is clearly crafted for radio rather than a live show. This shows an apparent change from a band who sole purpose previously was to write songs that would compliment their energetic shows. Follow that up with the single ‘Love & Memories’ which could easily be one of the biggest radio hits of the year. For this track O.A.R. tapped professional songwriter/producer Glenn Ballard, who influence can be heard easily throughout through this hook filled song that is guaranteed to catch your ear after just one listen. O.A.R. hasn’t forgotten where they came from though, with songs like “’Wonderful Day’ and ‘Lay Down’ the band shows that they can still jam with the best of them. The band also shows some nice diversity on songs like ‘The Stranger’ and ‘Dakota’. Years from now, fans will look back at this album as the break out album for O.A.R., the only thing that is in question now is whether the band will shed their jam band style roots for mainstream supremacy, or continue to tip-toe the line like they do on this record.


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