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Cavalier King

The Sun Revolutions

Cavalier King is the brainchild of painter/musician Chris Taylor, actually Cavalier King is supposed to be the alter ego of Chris Taylor. After listening to just a few tracks on this CD, it becomes clear that this album sets out to do something different, as Taylor tries to blaze his own trail with very unique abstract lyrics. Reminiscent of the work of the late Jeff Buckley, especially the opening track Renegade, Cavalier King quickly proves its worthiness. The most impressive track on the record is the single “The Unprotected” with its strong hook, and soaring melodies. Aside from this track however, the album comes off as a little hard to grasp, so many of the tracks just seem very raw, and rough around the edges. Perhaps this was Taylor’s intentions, or perhaps this is just the sound of an artist who’s in the process of developing his own sound. Either way, fans might find ‘The Sun Revolutions’ to be more puzzling than it is a diamond in the rough.


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