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Howie Day

Stop All The World Now

If ever there was an album that displayed the maturation of a songwriter, this is the record for Howie Day. Following up his debut record "Australia" which was full of simplistic acoustic ballads, Day returns with a full band a slue of songs cover the whole emotional spectrum. For this album Howie Day was able to co write a portion of the album with Better Than Ezra lead singer Kevin Griffin, specifically for Day's current single "Perfect Time Of Day" and the incredible song "Collide" which combines heartfelt lyrics with simple guitars and a 25 piece orchestra to create a song that will without a doubt catapult Howie Day into the spotlight. Overall this is a very strong album, but at times can tend to blend together from track to track especially later in the album. One still cannot deny the maturation of Howie Day through out this record...this album is definitely worth a listen.


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