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Missy Higgins

The Sound Of White

Every once in a while you find an artist that releases an album that goes so far outside of the box, they completely change your expectations, ideas, and opinions of music forever. Missy Higgins just might be this kind of artist. While her style may not appeal to every music listener, anyone who enjoys honest songwriting, and believes that music is an essential medium to convey emotions, will be impressed with what Higgins is able to do on her major label debut. In just her early 20’s, Higgins has recorded music that is more emotionally stirring than most artists will record in a lifetime. On just an acoustic guitar and a piano, Higgins voice soars from note to note, evident on the opening track “All For Believing”. On ballads like “Ten Days” and “Don’t Ever” Higgins wears her heart even further out on her sleeve, with lyrics that are nothing short of breath taking. It comes as no surprise that her album has gone over 3 times platinum in her native country of Australia, especially with the help of the track “Scar” which was one of the biggest songs of the year on Australian radio. With the help of Better Than Ezra lead singer Kevin Griffin, Higgins displays some nice diversity on this melodic track. The single most impressive song on the CD is however found in “The Special Two”. Simply put, it could be lyrically one of the most perfectly written songs in years. For anyone who’s felt love, and lost it, this song will undoubtedly speak to you. Only time will tell if Missy Higgins will experience the same success she has had in Australia in the States, but regardless, on the Sound Of White, she has recorded some of the most impressive lyrics a female artist has ever written.


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